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Truth No. 4: Right now, it's a golden age of something.
Every time it's "golden era" of something but you don't know it until 20 years later you look back with nostalgia. It's a fun to guess though.

Truth No. 3: There is no god in a sense any existing religion suggests.
Sure, there might be a higher power or supreme intelligence, but all the earthly religions are not even scratching the surface in that case.

Truth No. 2: Personal property/ownership is just a social construct.
The only way to own something is to get other people to recognize it as yours. If you are the only one to recognize something as yours and others don't see it that way, it's not yours. You may force others to recognize it as such by means of power, but that doesn't make it any less a social construct.

Truth No. 1: Selflessness doesn't exit.
All we do is for some kind of profit. The profit is not always money. Soetimes it's just emotions or personal satisfaction. If someone gives all his money to charity, he is doing it because of himself as it brings him satisfaction. If someone sacrifices his life for his children, he is doing it for his genome. A real selflessness would be doing something you hate and loath without being forced to do it in any way. In that case you are mentally ill.


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